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Our Call Is To Follow Christ – Rev. Glass To Christian


A Senior Pastor of the Elim Pentecostal Church, UK, Reverend James Glass, has asserted that the call of every Christian is to live and follow Christ, seeking the presence and the glory of God.

According to Reverend Glass, God leads leaders to places where they may know or may not know in their discharge of duties.

“Sometimes as leaders, we are called to lead our people into unfamiliar ways from the familiar ones known to us,” he stated.

Delivering a short exhortation to Councillors of the 17th Extraordinary Council Meetings on Thursday, May 5, 2022, at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa-Fetteh, Rev. Glass said that it is incumbent for Christians to sometimes leave their comfortable jurisdictions into uncomfortable ones.

Reading from Mark 10:34, he narrated the scenario where Jesus was on a journey with his disciples and some followers from Galilee to Jerusalem. After Jesus explained His reasons for the journey, the disciples were amazed while those who followed were afraid.

“According to some Bible commentators, the fear was not just about the journey with Jesus to Jerusalem, rather they were overwhelmed by the glorious power emanated from Jesus,” he explained.

He encouraged believers to understand that God is at work in their unfamiliar circumstances as He does in the familiar ones.

He noted that Jesus took the lead in the journey since He knew what awaited Him in Jerusalem and the purpose of God for His life.

He iterated that to be like Jesus, one needs to be prepared to make journeys that they do not want to undertake.

“God often comes and assures us not to be afraid, because he has a lot in stock for us,” he stressed.

He revealed that God’s presence and glory were best manifested in Jesus’ life and death while on earth.

He stated: “If we are called to inspire people in this Christian journey that God has sent us to, then we need to carry the presence of God, glory and power of the Holy Spirit that will transform our lives.”

He further said that to carry the presence and the glory of God, believers must be nurtured in the presence of God and develop personal devotion to God.

“Our secret time in the presence of God must be made a priority if we want to carry the presence and the glory of God,” he further admonished.

He called on Christians to stand and take over leadership roles in their various spheres of lives, advising them not to be afraid of the difficulties.

Rev. James Glass concluded by saying that Christ carried the presence of God because he was in the presence of God, therefore, believers need to stay in the presence of God to be able to accomplish their purpose and ministry.


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