February 27, 2024

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Russia-Ukraine War: The Church Of Pentecost Saves 1,000 Ghanaians, Other Nationals


Heart-warming news coming from Hungary indicates that more than 300 displaced Ghanaians and over 600 other nationals who escaped from Ukraine have been relocated to a safe place in Hungary through the intervention of The Church of Pentecost, a leading global classical Pentecostal church, with branches in over 135 nations across the world.

The Church, through its officer-in-charge of Hungary, Elder Kwesi Asemanyi, and other team members, has successfully processed about 1,000 people, fully registered them, and given them accommodation, food, and water, and subsequently handed most of them over to their respective embassy representatives.

So far, the Church, through the International Missions Office, has spent a substantial amount of money on the upkeep of the evacuated Ghanaian students and other foreign nationals.

According to Elder Asemanyi, The Church of Pentecost has also received huge support from Hungarians and the Hungarian Government, who donated cloth, food items, toiletries, accommodation, among others, to support the efforts of the church.

He added that there were volunteers from all over the world helping out at the church’s rescue centre located at the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC) in Budapest.

Last Sunday, The Church of Pentecost – Hungary, received some of the elders of the church from Ukraine to assist in organising all their members to help in the counsel exercise.

He disclosed that Government of Ghana officials have since visited the centre, where the leadership of The Church of Pentecost in Hungary briefed them on what has been done so far with the Ghana Students Association as well as the honorary consulate.

Elder Asemanyi indicated that the Government of Ghana has thus far evacuated a little around 20 Ghanaian students from the rescue centre to Ghana, as most people have declined to go back home.

Meanwhile, the Hungarian Government has offered an opportunity for most displaced international students in Ukraine to continue their education in Hungary and pay similar fees.

Millions of people have fled to Ukraine’s neighbouring countries as the war between Russia and Ukraine increases.



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