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Dumsor: Lack of sleep affecting workplace productivity

Dumsor: Lack of sleep affecting workplace productivity

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Workplace productivity in Ghana is currently declining due to persistent power outages known as 'dumsor'. Regular household activities and national productivity are among the concrete effects of this ongoing battle with power outages. A lack of dependable electricity clouds everyday life for millions of Ghanaians, whether they live in crowded cities or isolated rural communities. Due to its underlying supply chain problems and infrastructure constraints, this ongoing problem affects both households and businesses, affecting everything from basic amenities to economic stability. Some angry Ghanaians claim that due to the power outages, it gets so hot that they cannot sleep at night. Having not slept the previous night, they arrive at the office and take a nap during business ho...
Handling Conflicts At The Workplace Using Jesus’ Template

Handling Conflicts At The Workplace Using Jesus’ Template

Pentecost News
“Do Good to Those Who Hate You” – Luke 6:27-36 We all have had or been involved in one form of conflict in our workplace or the marketplace. Thus, we have all seen or experience conflict. So it is part of life, we cannot avoid it entirely because we do not control other people’s emotions and actions. But in Luke 6:27-36, Jesus Christ gave a beautiful and life-transforming roadmap to address situations of conflict.He says “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you” (Luke 6:27-28). Wow! Is this possible at all? So Jesus, you are saying that I should pray for those I know are my enemies, those who wish that I don’t get that promotion, those who desire I fail and set trap for me? I should do good to them? Are you serious Jesus...

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