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Midwife Who Won 170 Souls Honoured


Deaconess Rhoda Asibey Bonsu, a member of the Offinso Obusi District of The Church of Pentecost and a midwife at the St. Patrick Hospital Offinso-Maase, has been honoured for leading 170 persons into the saving knowledge of Christ last year.

Deaconess Asibey Bonsu’s remarkable achievement has been duly acknowledged by the Offinso Area, headed by Apostle Samuel Edzii Davidson. Out of the souls won, 162 have undergone water baptism.

Despite her demanding role as a midwife spanning a decade, her passion for evangelism remains undiminished, actively engaging in various outreach initiatives.

Reflecting on her motivation, Mrs. Bonsu shared a poignant encounter from her past, where a wise man’s words planted the seed of conviction within her.

“Years ago, a man told me that prioritising soul winning would bring divine blessings and reveal greater purpose,” she recounted.

Inspired by this message and fueled by Apostle Samuel Edzii Davidson’s evangelism retreat, she embarked on a fervent mission to share the gospel with all she encountered.

Grateful for the recognition bestowed upon her, Mrs. Bonsu reaffirmed her commitment to spreading the message of Jesus Christ tirelessly.

She urged fellow believers to embrace soul winning as a sacred duty, stressing that even amidst busy schedules, opportunities to impact lives abound.

Drawing from her own experience balancing professional responsibilities with evangelism, Mrs. Bonsu underscored the importance of seizing every moment to advance the kingdom of God.

“Despite my demanding role, I utilise my daily commute and work breaks to share the gospel,” she explained, highlighting the transformative power of unwavering determination.

Apostle Samuel Edzii Davidson, addressing the congregation, lauded Mrs. Bonsu’s exemplary efforts and encouraged others to follow suit, setting new benchmarks in soul winning. The enthusiastic response from attendees underscored their collective readiness to heed the call.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of Mrs. Bonsu and her family, Pastor Austin Fuachie extended heartfelt thanks to the leadership of Offinso Area and the entire congregation for their unwavering support and encouragement.

Mrs. Rhoda Asibey Bonsu, along with her husband Mr. Godfred Antwi and their three children, worships at the Central Assembly of the Offinso Obuasi District. Beyond her role as a midwife, she serves as the District Evangelism Leader, exemplifying unwavering dedication to both her profession and faith.

Report by Offinso Area Media Team.

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