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Diana Techie-Menson Wins Pent TV’s Most Loyal Viewer Award


Diana Techie-Menson from Cape Coast Assembly in the Cape Coast Area of The Church of Pentecost has emerged as the winner of Pent TV’s Most Loyal Viewer Award.

In a grand finale held on Sunday, September 3, 2023, at Pent TV premises at La, Accra, to climax the maiden Pent TV Month, celebrated in August, Diana’s dedication and knowledge earned her the top position after going through five rounds of intense quizzes.

The General Manager of Pent TV, Pastor Kwesi Asante Annor, noted that Pent TV Month, which ran from August 1 to 31, 2023, aimed to promote the channel’s content and highlight the teachings of the Kingdom of God. 

Apostle Samuel Yaw Antwi, the Board Chairman of Pent Media Centre and Cape Coast Area Head, expressed pride in Pent TV’s journey, stating that they had successfully become Ghana’s preferred Christian television station. 

He acknowledged the station’s transformational content and role as a source of education and entertainment. 

“The introduction of Pent TV on Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and the hard work of the team were key factors in their success,” he said.

He added: “In 2022, the Pent Media board restructured the Marketing Department of Pent TV. This strategic move aimed to cultivate viewer loyalty and appreciation for their content,” stressing that the awards ceremony “celebrated the most loyal viewers, assemblies, districts, and clients.”

The General Secretary of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Samuel Gyau Obuobi, commended the station for its development and improvement in programming and studio facilities. 

He acknowledged that almost all programmes are centred around Christ and aligned with the mission of ‘Possessing the Nations.’ 

Apostle Obuobi encouraged the Pent TV board to continue working diligently to make the station the preferred choice for all viewers.

The competition results were as follows:

– 1st place: Diana Techie-Menson from Cape Coast Assembly (47 points)

– 2nd place: Chris Kwaw Egyin from Victory Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Adenta (44 points)

– 3rd place: Derrick Tuffuor from Bethel Assembly, Pokuase District (43 points)

– 4th place: Eunice Asare from Manso Nwanta District (42 points)

– 5th place: Priscilla Owusu Ansah from Atimatim District (41 points)

– 6th place: Juliet Esi Gamor from Achimota English Assembly (39 points)

The Pent TV team, led by Pastor Kwesi Asante Annor, received a commendation for their tremendous efforts. At the same time, the board was applauded for their fantastic job in making Pent TV a Christ-centred channel that resonates with viewers. 

Diana Techie-Menson Wins Pent TV’s Most Loyal Viewer Award


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