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Tamale Technical University DASA holds maiden Damba festival


The Tamale Technical University branch of the Dagbon Students Association (DASA) led by cheif Nurudeendk have organized a maiden Damba festival with a call on traditional authorities to modify the annual festival for economic benefit.

These is the first time the Association which has branches across the sixteen (16) regions of the country organized a Damba festival.

The Damba festival which brought together eminent traditional rulers, politicians, academia, students and thousands of celebrates from all walks of life was under the theme: “Promoting Dagbon Culture, and Economic Benefit of Damba: the role of Dagbon Students”.

Addressing the celebrates, Cheif of the Dagbon Students Association of the University, Cheif Nurudeen Ibrahim appealed to traditional rulers in Dagbon and other kingdoms to use the annual Damba festival to facilitate development in the north.

He stated that, if the festival is well organized and given the needed publicity it would attract sons and daughters of Dagbon from diaspora, tourist and investors to the celebration.

“We organized this maiden Damba to demonstrate to the traditional authorities how the festival should be celebrated annually in order to drive home benefits to Dagbon, Mamprugu, Nanung, we have observed that the yearly celebrations do not drive benefit to us as people, because it’s not structured to meet a certain standard, am optimistic that if the festival is well organized, it would attract investors, diplomats and tourist to the north and through that we can make millions of Ghana cedis for our own development”.

He further called for support from the general public, stating that the current economic challenge is hitting hard on the student body.

“We’re truly struggling considering the hard economic condition, feeding and other basic needs is now a very big challenge to us, for school fees the little talk about it, we need books and other educational materials to enhance our learning, on behalf of the Dagbon Students Association, am appealing to philanthropists, NGO’s, government, sons and daughters of Dagbon from near and far to come to our assistance”.

The newly enskinned Tamale Zosimli-Naa Ife Bell Tipagya advised Dagbon students to communicate accurately about the tradition and culture on social media and avoid misinforming the public that may cause future problem.

She tasked the youth to explore the opportunities in Tamale by advancing the development of the Metropolis and Dagbon at large.

Cheif Ife Bell Tipagya further expressed pleased with the human behavior and culture of the people of the north, stating that the hospitality of the Dagbon people is unmatched.

“Whenever you arrive in Dagbon, the people welcome you with water and water just like we all know is life, they offer you a master room to sleep, the food they handly afford they will manage to provide it for a visitor”.

The National President of DAYA, Mr. Adam Baba Issifu admonished the youth charged the youth to be discipline devoid of barbaric behavior.

Several other dignitaries graced the occasion including paramount cheifs, youth cheifs, officialdom and DASA cheifs from some tertiary Institutions in the region.

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