February 21, 2024

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‘God Will Hold Pastors Accountable For What They Preach’


The President of the Trinity Theological Seminary, Very Rev. Professor Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, has charged the clergy to be mindful and measured in the kind of messages preached on the pulpits since God will hold them accountable for what they preach.

“We are accountable to God for what we preach and stand for. Don’t use the Word and Gifts of God in an exploitative manner or fight your personal battles,” he said.

Speaking on the topic, “Accountability and Ministry” at the Pentecost Convention Centre, Gomoah-Fetteh, during the final day of the maiden All Ministers’ Conference organised by The Church of Pentecost, Very Rev. Prof. Asamoah-Gyadu disclosed that there have been very disturbing teachings in the church by some ministers of the gospel that is confusing many.

These, he noted, include the obsessions with demons and the demonic, the curse of the firstborn; the Father’s blessings; the pastor as the ‘soil’ into which seed must be sown; and the Gehazi-Simon syndrome.

Using 2 Corinthians as a scriptural reference, the astute theologian urged the clergy to be accountable to someone even though they regard themselves as perfect. According to him, when ministers of the gospel are accountable to people, it serves as checks in their ministry.

“Do not put your personal life on autopilot; you must be accountable to someone,” he said.

According to him, money has become the major factor in ministry for many Christian leaders. He mentioned that one of the major challenges confronting the ministry today is the lack of accountability in critical areas of life and ministry.

He admonished Christian preachers to use the pulpit to defend the Truth, but not for self-exaltation or any other thing, stating, “Don’t use God’s word to fight your personal battles; don’t distort it for your personal gains.”

He also stressed that in terms of accountability, what is important for Christian leaders is to see themselves as disciples of Christ.

On accountability in their ministry, Very Rev. Prof. Asamoah-Gyadu noted that church leaders must also be accountable in their lives, relationships, faith and doctrine, spiritual gifts, and resources.

“In pursuit of spirit-filled leadership, the one critical express that must guide us is the fear of the Lord. When the fear of God disappears, you can do anything and justify it,” he stressed.

He added: “Accountability in unity is not an option for us but it must be the goal of all disciples of His Majesty the Lord Jesus Christ.”



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