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Youth Charged To Be Purity-Minded


Elder Prof. Eric Appau Asante, Deputy Director of the Youth Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, has charged the youth of the church to be purity-minded and active for the kingdom of God.

The Deputy Youth Director was speaking at the West African Examination Council (WAEC) Hall in Tamale, during a meeting with the Tamale Area Youth Ministry of the church as part of the Youth Ministry National Executive Committee (NEC) Members’ recent tour of the Northern Region.

Delivering a sermon on the topic, “Be Holistically Active; God Is Interested In Your Holistic Wellbeing,” Elder Prof. Asante said that God is interested in the holiness and availability of the youth of the church.

According to him, being holistic involves paying delicate attention and being interested in every facet of one’s life, that is, the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellbeing. He urged them not to only focus on the body, but also, to work on the soul and the spirit.

Quoting from Genesis 2:7, he indicated that God is holy, which was evident in His creation of man. He iterated that in the creation of man, God demonstrated skill/ expertise and creativity in forming human being.

“God crafted a human being to the extent that He found man to be good, reflecting His own image,” he stressed.

The Deputy Youth Director of the church further noted that God, in demonstrating humility to man, formed him out of the dust of the ground with His bare hands. He, therefore, admonished the youth to be humble and desist from pride.

“The youth must be simple, modest and respectful towards any person without looking down on them,” he charged them.

Drawing lessons from God breathing into man, he mentioned that God had to be close to man in order to breathe into him, he charged Christian youth not sit on the fence or be backbenchers.

“You must be close to the scene – the church – and know the system while contributing to its formation,” he reiterated.

He added: “The society expects so much from the youth of today, that you must be academically sound, spiritually sound with problem-solving skills, morally sound and emotionally stable.”

He, therefore, encouraged the leadership of the church to continue to invest in the academic, emotional, social and material needs of the youth, in addition to their spiritual needs.

Concluding his presentation, Elder Prof. Eric Appau Asante expressed his heartfelt appreciation to Apostle Sylvester Arhin, Tamale Area Head of the church, and the Area Youth Ministry for availing themselves to the service of God and the church.

In attendance were Pastor Arko Addo (Secretary, Youth Ministry National Executive Committee), Deaconess Comfort Adade (Youth Ministry National Executive Committee Member), Pastor Michael Blankson (Tamale Area Youth Pastor & Resident Minister, Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC – Tamale), Pastor Richard Ala Anang (PENSA Travelling Secretary for the Northern Sector) and some Tamale Area Pastorate.

At the end of the meeting, 850 persons participated, with 27 of them receiving the Holy Spirit baptism.

Report by Tamale Youth Media Team.

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