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Prof. Agyapong-Koduah Charges Parents To Possess Their Homes


The Vice-Chancellor of the Pentecost University (University A+), Apostle Professor Kwabena Agyapong-Kodua, has revealed that one of the easiest ways by which the ‘Possessing the Nations’ agenda could be achieved is when parents strive to possess their homes.

According to Apostle Prof. Agyapong-Kodua, if parents are able to influence their children with Kingdom values and principles, we are not only going to possess the nations of today, but it will help to possess the future as well.

“When we talk about ‘Possessing the Nations,’ the nations here are not only referring to nations like Togo, Benin, Canada and the other nations we know, but our homes can also be our nations because the people in each home come together to form a nation. Therefore, if we are able to possess the home, we can eventually possess all the nations,” he said.

He added: “A person’s nation can be his home, so he must be intentional about raising the children with the Kingdom values and principles.”

The University A+ VC was addressing ministerial students of the School of Theology, Mission and Leadership (STML) of the Pentecost University as well as some ministers’ wives of The Church of Pentecost at the Pentecost Convention Centre, Gomoah Fetteh, recently.

Apostle Prof. Agyapong-Kodua stressed that if parents possess their homes and families, their children will grow and know God and live their lives according to the principles of God.

He spoke against parents who shirk their parental responsibilities to teachers as some leave home very early for work and come back very late, making it difficult to give proper training to their children.

“As parents, we cannot delegate our responsibilities to teachers, not at all,” he cautioned.

Giving tips on how parents can engage their children religiously, he asked parents to hold morning devotions with their children, teach them how to pray, read the Bible, and meditate on it to have in-depth knowledge about God.

“If we train our children and possess their minds, when they grow, they will take their stance,” he noted, adding, “Let us pump the mind of God into families and children and we will be victorious.”

Apostle Professor Kwabena Agyapong-Kodua was teaching about the importance of Vision 2023 and how various stakeholders can play their roles to ensure the realization of the vision.

Quoting Obadiah 1:21, the VC also touched on some spheres of society such as government and politics, chieftaincy, business and economy, education and science, culture, media and entertainment, and many more, defining the sphere of society as the domain of influence – a place where decisions are taken.

Report by Alex Nana Owusu Nkrumah.

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