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‘Hypocrisy Rules The World’ – Rwanda President

‘Hypocrisy Rules The World’ – Rwanda President

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Hypocrisy is “one of three systems that rules the world”, President Paul Kagame said, while condemning powerful countries for their reaction to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. Mr Kagame said that powerful countries idly watched the genocide happen, and so “have no lessons to teach anyone” and accused them of “covering up their responsibility” by talking about justice and democracy. “There are three systems that govern the world, one is called democracy, the other is called autocracy, the third in between - most powerful, very silent, effective - and that is hypocrisy”, Mr Kagame said. At Kigali genocide memorial centre, while officiating the start of a remembrance period for the genocide, Mr Kagame, a former rebel leader, said his forces avoided killings in reprisals as they were ta...

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