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Students advised to use Internet advantageously


Member of the Tema Secondary School Old Students Association (TOSA), Kwadwo Owusu Baah, has encouraged final year students in Senior High Schools to pay attention to advantages on social media to create passive income for themselves.

Mr. Baah said this at a forum in Tema Secondary School dubbed “TOSA Tertiary Talks,” an initiative of TOSA that seeks to call on illustrious alumni of the school to encourage and present to the students a picture of life after school because most of them will graduate without any insight into what lies ahead of them.

He said, at their stage, it was critical to identify who they wanted and didn’t want to become in life and seek to also identify ways of working and living that would not add unnecessary risk to their path.

He told students that the evolution of technology was accelerated by ideas and creativity, which mostly began on social media.

“This is the tech-era, an era where technology is integrated into normal living around the globe; however, as students, you need to understand why you are using social media to make the most of your presence there. 

“Being active on social media will probably help you achieve the numerous objectives you’ve set for your education, brand, and business. The information you seek and offer should therefore be related to your objectives,” he said. 

He said that being productive on social media might be challenging, but students should put learning first because there are tons of free online tools available to them that could improve their ability to produce quality social media material and develop a meaningful online presence.

Social media requires time; therefore, by using it for educational purposes by disseminating pertinent content or information about services, you can generate wealth.

The alumni advised students to associate with enthusiastic and curious people because such people embodied a success ethic that focused on maximising achievements in the present to create better options in the future.

Mr. Dynasto Afedo, an app developer and alumni, revealed that developing an interest in technology would not be a mistake as it had endless opportunities.

Mr. Afedo said students were fortunate to be alive at a time when everything was available for them to succeed, stressing that every material needed for any kind of learning was available on the Internet.

He said there’s no epoch in the human life span, where personality stops evolving, so students should build interest and learn a skill in the field but stressed the need to keep updating their knowledge to adapt because of the rapid progression of technology.

The App Developer advised students to seek the favour of God because expanding their social network outside the usual circle of friends could have unanticipated advantages, but as social networking activities turn into socio-economic chances, luck and prayer are key factors.

Source: GNA

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