February 27, 2024

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Philadelphia Eagles support Imhotep to launch stem water project in Ghana


NFL side, Philadelphia Eagles have collaborated with American Football Highschool team Imhotep Panthers to launch a stem water project in the Volta Region.

The project is to help address environmental snd sustainability issues as result of climate change.

According to the Director of Science of Imhotep Panters, Shelly Pozzy says the aim of the project is to help make water in rural areas in Ghana safe to drink.

“This project is one of our many projects where we actually give back to our community and we focus on addressing change in our community. With this particular one we are addressing climate change and looking at making clean water safe to drink here in Ghana”, she said.

Philadelphia Eagles support Imhotep to launch stem water project in Ghana

She again added that, the technology was brought to Ghana because of how successful it has been.

“Back in October in the United States of America, one of our states had a huge water problem and what we did is, we did use technology to address the issue, provide clean water in Jackson, Mississippi by 3D printing water filters and because the project was so successful, we wanted to share that abroad to other communities that look like us internationally.

“So here in this region (Volta Region) we wanted to really bring the filtration system here because we knew with the climate change, the flooding it causes water to be unsafe so we are bringing technology here to address the issue and provide clean water”

Pozzy also revealed why they partnered with three time NFL champions, Philadelphia Eagles. According to her their partnership with the Eagles is because they share they same vision.

“Back in 2020 I won educator of the year with the Philadelphia Eagles and from that partnership it really ignited a fire in me to do more and to really advance just as they are successful in their team. I wanted to be more successful in education and what I did for the scholars so when they heard about the project, it was a beautiful collaboration because their module is go green and that is what our mission is about and Imhotep Chartered Institute is going green so just as the Eagles are focused on sustainability and environmental issues, we too are focused on environmental issues and just as Philadelphia Eagles are working to provide better support for youth in Philadelphia, we are dedicated to that mission as well to provide support for our scholars to really address our gun violence issue that’s in Philadelphia as well,” she concluded.

Coach of the Imhotep Charter Panters, Devon Johnson says the project is to help the team impact lives outside the field.

“One of the big things of our program is we want them to be great young men outside the sport that they play. They’re great young men in the sport but they do great things on the field but the great thing they’re doing about this stem program is that they’re able to change lives and things like that outside the field. It’s amazing to come here and see them giving back to the community, watching them interact with the students, really making global change because that will take them further than anything they can ever do on the field.

“I just think it’s super important for young black kids to be involved in this because it gives them a purpose just to let them know that you can affect change locally and globally. We talk about it a lot but to see them come out here in Ghana it into action sms be fully involved in the culture and really feel like they’re making a chmage, that’s more important than any championship or trophy can we could ever win.”

Imhotep Charter Panthers is an American High School Football team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the USA with a record of 25-4. They are regarded as one of the best high school teams in America.
The Panthers are currently 11x public league champions and 10x city champions. The team also made it to the state championship two times in a row these past 2 seasons.


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