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Make Sure The Gospel Does Not End With You – Rev. Steve Ball Tells Christians


Rev. Steve Ball, the Regional Leader of South West Midland and Southern Wales of the Elim Pentecostal Church, UK, a sister church of The Church of Pentecost, has called on Christians to continue sharing the message of the Gospel with others.

He stressed that the message is shared from one person to another, and if Christians stop sharing it, they deny others the saving grace of Christ.

Speaking at the 46th Session of the General Council Meetings of The Church of Pentecost in Ghana, Rev. Ball emphasized the need for the church to mobilize its forces to spread the good news of the Gospel.

He highlighted the formula for achieving maximum impact, which he described as High Potency plus Close Proximity plus Clear Communication.

Using Matthew 28:16-20 as his key text, Rev. Ball urged the church to continue its acts of great kindness, which should be the conduct of individuals and the corporate church.

He encouraged them to work until their enemies cannot deny their good works. He also reminded the church that it was birthed in persecution and continues to live in an era of great persecution. He advised them to live by faith and not be discouraged or afraid of persecution.

Rev. Ball also mentioned that in 2022, 316 million Christians experienced a high level of persecution and discrimination, with a thousand more Christians killed for professing their belief in Jesus than the previous year.

Despite this, he urged the councillors to leave the meeting knowing that Christ is with them to prevail. He encouraged them not to deny their faith and to keep going, reminding them that the blood of the saints waters the growth of the Gospel.


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