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Classy But Decent: Lessons For Young People

Classy But Decent: Lessons For Young People

Ghana News, Pentecost News
Have you ever dolled yourself up so beautifully only to meet the disapproving look in your parents’ eyes? You can’t help but wonder, “what’s wrong with my dress? It can’t be the neckline. It must be for flaunting my fair thighs and accentuating my curves with how ‘fitting’ the dress is. But I look dashing! Such dresses aren’t worn very long: just cute and perfect.” “Dress how you want to be addressed” is a famous saying that highlights the importance of dressing appropriately. Dressing up is an art that reflects our personality, values, and beliefs. In today’s world, where fashion is constantly evolving, it is important to understand what it means to be classy yet decent in your dressing. A classy but decent dress is stylish, fashionable, trendy, and elegant but does not compromise mod...

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