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MoMo fraud is a user-centric challenge – Cyber Security Authority

MoMo fraud is a user-centric challenge – Cyber Security Authority

Ghana News
The Lead National Computer Emergency Response Team of the Cyber Security Authority has provided insights into the issue of Mobile Money (MoMo) fraud, highlighting that it is primarily a challenge associated with users rather than a systemic flaw. Stephen Cudjoe Sesshie acknowledged that while Momo fraud is a multifaceted problem that has ensnared many individuals in various scams, the primary issue lies with the users of the service. He noted that despite Momo being a secure system designed to facilitate digital payments, there are individuals within the system who exploit and manipulate users, coercing them into divulging their PINs or authorizing payments they never intended to make. Mr. Sesshie shared these revelations during an intervi...
Cyber Security Awareness: Staying Secure

Cyber Security Awareness: Staying Secure

International, Science & Technology
Globally, October is recognised as Cybersecurity awareness month. 2022 may have offered some respite from the previous year’s rush to enable a remote and hybrid world, but the increased use of personal devices also left security professionals with even more endpoints to manage and secure. As illustrated by breaches like the March 2022 attack on Shields Health Care Group that impacted two million people and the April ransomware attack that became a national emergency for the Costa Rican government, we all need to be cyber defenders to protect what matters. The FBI describes the impact and losses from cybercrime as “staggering,” with over $4 billion in losses in 2020 alone. The 2020 Internet Crime Report includes information from 791,790 complaints of suspected internet crime—a...

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