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Meet Jennifer Pokuaa Effah the first Ghanaian psychologist in Spain


Jennifer Pokuaa Effah, a vibrant and dynamic member of the Church of Pentecost in the Barcelona Central, has recently made history by becoming the first psychologist of Ghanaian descent in Spain. Her academic journey led her to the University of Rovira and Virgili, where she studied psychology and achieved this significant milestone.

In an interview with Janny Koomson, the host of Christian Trends an entertainment show on Pent TV, Jennifer shared her inspiring journey and the challenges she overcame to reach this remarkable achievement.

Beyond her accomplishments in psychology, Jennifer is a multi-talented professional. She serves as a nurse assistant and health administrator, showcasing her dedication to the healthcare field. Additionally, she holds the position of Secretary for the Ghanaian Students in Spain Alliance, playing a crucial role in supporting and connecting students within the community

Jennifer’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her business venture, Afro Jeee, which specializes in hair products. Her commitment to promoting and celebrating natural hair care reflects her passion for entrepreneurship and cultural pride.

Jennifer Pokuaa Effah exemplifies the power of dedication and versatility. Her contributions to psychology, healthcare, and the Ghanaian community in Spain are truly inspiring.

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