February 27, 2024

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TECNO partners with University of Ghana’s College of Humanities to foster education and recognize academic excellence.


TECNO, a renowned global smartphone brand and a leader in the African market, has taken a significant step towards nurturing education and acknowledging academic excellence through its partnership with the University of Ghana’s College of Humanities.

As part of its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives in Ghana, TECNO has announced a scholarship program aimed at supporting students within the College of Humanities, demonstrating their dedication to the growth and development of the educational sector in the region.

This strategic partnership between TECNO and the University of Ghana’s College of Humanities underscores TECNO’s strong commitment to giving back to the Ghanaian community and fostering educational advancement. Through this scholarship scheme, deserving students will have the opportunity to pursue their academic dreams with financial support, enabling them to contribute to society positively in the future.
In a remarkable display of appreciation for the educators who contribute to the holistic growth of the College, TECNO has also embarked on an initiative to recognize the efforts of the College’s staff members and academic units. 

During the second Edition of the College of Humanities Awards Ceremony, TECNO presented twenty (20) CAMON 20 smartphones and an array of exciting gifts to honour 34 exemplary members of the staff and several exceptional academic units. This gesture acknowledges their tireless dedication and service in nurturing the talents and skills of the students and fostering a dynamic learning environment within the College.

Mr. Lolon Lou, Brand Manager, TECNO, expressed the brand’s enthusiasm about this partnership, stating, “TECNO believes in the power of education to transform lives and drive progress. Our collaboration with the University of Ghana’s College of Humanities exemplifies our commitment to supporting the educational aspirations of the youth and recognizing the efforts of the educators who shape their futures. Through this scholarship program and awards ceremony, we aim to inspire students and educators alike to reach for excellence.” 
The partnership not only reflects TECNO’s strong business presence but also underscores its role as a responsible corporate citizen in Ghana. By investing in education and acknowledging the hard work of educators, TECNO is contributing to the overall development of society and helping to shape a brighter future.

TECNO is a globally recognized smartphone brand known for its innovative technology, stylish design, and commitment to making cutting-edge smartphone devices accessible to diverse markets. With a strong presence in Africa and around the world, TECNO continues to push the boundaries of what smartphones can offer, enriching the lives of its users.

Source: graphiconline.com


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