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Toptech Ghana to provide ISO certified defensive driving course for corporate and VIP drivers


Toptech Ghana, an ISO certified road safety, transport, and logistics management consulting firm, is offering a 2-day training in defensive driving for corporate drivers.

Dubbed the “Defensive Driving Programme for Corporate VIP Drivers”, the training will equip drivers in protocol and defensive driving and trip planning.

Toptech Ghana has over 25 years of experience in providing quality training in transport and logistics, health and road safety.

Executive Director, Cecil Ebo Garbrah, tells that the course is designed to meet the demands of corporate entities who demand par excellence driver-behaviour.

Toptech Ghana to provide ISO certified defensive driving course for corporate and VIP drivers

The Road Traffic Regulations 2012 does not allow a person to drive a car for more than 4 hours without rest or more than 8 hours in a 24-hour period without rest.

Mr. Garbrah says the modern day driver must be abreast with provisions in road traffic regulations, and meet employers’ demands without compromising professionalism.

“LI 2180 says that you should drive for 2-hours and take a rest for 15-30 minutes.

“For instance if you are travelling with your boss to Kumasi, your boss must know that compulsorily, you have to stop at a place like Linda Dor for a period of 5-minutes, 10-minutes and that is a compulsory stop where you need to stop, you need to refresh yourself, take in a little bit of exercise and then get into your vehicle. This is all about Protocol Driving,” Mr. Garbrah added.

Participants, as part of the protocol driving, would be taken through handling of official documents such as those from the banks, dressing and personal hygiene.

“The driver must keep himself clean. For instance, you don’t wear a brown shoe and wear a black belt. We are going to do all that training. The pair of trousers that you wear; the sort of shirts that we are looking at and even the singlet so we are going to do much more about personal hygiene,” said Mr. Garbrah.

Participants at the 2-day programme would be provided with breakfast, lunch and snacks, ISO course certificates, handouts and course documents, among others.

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