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“Possessing The Nations” Agenda Is The Heartbeat Of Christ – Prof. Agyapong-Kodua


The Vice-Chancellor of Pentecost University, Apostle Prof. Kwabena Agyapong-Kodua, has urged ministers of The Church of Pentecost to be purposeful about the “possessing the nations” agenda since it is central to the work of the ministry.

According to him, “the vision of possessing the nations is a lifelong agenda and is actually the heartbeat of Christ.”

Prof. Agyapong-Kodua said this during a preparatory retreat for the 2022 batch of ministerial students School of Theology, Mission and Leadership (STML) of the university ahead of their official commissioning on Friday.

In a four-point teaching on the theme “The Purpose of The Call,” the VC gave clarity on why an understanding of the purpose of the call was necessary; the enablers of the call; and the kind of ministers required to possess the nations.

With multiple biblical references including Obadiah 21, Daniel 7:26, Revelation 11:15 and Ephesians 3:10, he asserted that God’s purpose is that, the Kingdoms of the world would become His. 

According to him, this agenda of God is revealed when He called Abraham (Genesis 12); and out of him the nation, Israel (Deuteronomy 7:6)- his treasured possession; and out of Israel, Christ Jesus, the Saviour.

Referring to Ephesians 3:10, he further stated God is now using the Church as a conduit to make Himself known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms. 

“Everything God is doing or going to do with us is for one purpose- to facilitate His agenda of reclaiming the Kingdoms of this world unto Himself. For this reason, ‘the purpose of our call as ministers is to pursue the ‘possessing the nations’ agenda.’” 

The Pentecost University VC further indicated that everything is warming up to the day that all the Kingdoms of the world will surrender to the authority of God and that ministers have been called as agents to facilitate that. 

To achieve this objective, he advised ministers to constantly avail themselves for the infilling of the power of the Holy Spirit and to demonstrate a Christ-like lifestyle, stressing that: “these two attributes are essential for the success in ministry.”

Prof. Agyapong-Kodua enumerated activities such as evangelism, baptism, prayers, and worship, among others, as useful enablers that should be adopted and carried out intentionally to equip the Church to accomplish her ultimate purpose of “possessing the nations.” 

The School of Theology, Mission and Leadership is a school under Pentecost University. It is responsible for training individuals called into the full-time ministry of The Church of Pentecost and those interested in biblical and theological studies. The STML plays a critical role in the University A+ agenda of Pentecost University.

Report by David Gunn

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