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Ensuring Telco Connectivity Resilience: Ghana’s plan-Z path forward

Ensuring Telco Connectivity Resilience: Ghana’s plan-Z path forward

Ghana News, Science & Technology
Ghana’s telecommunications sector is the lifeblood of our nation’s progress, connecting businesses, communities, and government services. Yet, recurrent disruptions to telco undersea cables, often due to force majeure events, threaten to disrupt this vital connectivity. It’s time for decisive action to safeguard our digital future. These disruptions aren’t just inconveniences; they have far-reaching consequences that ripple through our economy and society. Businesses suffer losses, everyday life is disrupted, and crucial government operations grind to a halt. But amidst these challenges lies an opportunity for transformation. To mitigate the risks posed by undersea cable disruptions, Ghana must prioritize the implementation of Plan Z. This comprehensive strategy, spearheaded by t...

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