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From Eric’s Diary: The ‘Galamsey’ fight – role of the stomach

From Eric’s Diary: The ‘Galamsey’ fight – role of the stomach

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It is trite knowledge that there are some aspects of the functioning of the human body that we as humans have very little control over. They include nature’s call – urinate and or defecate, sleep and hunger. They come when they may. I have explained here before that like the computer experiences forced shutdown when there is a problem, sleep is a signal that the body is tired. It is for this reason that sleep can occur even when one is supposedly engaged in activities such as listening to a sermon in church, attending lectures, participating in a meeting or even while driving. Similarly, hunger occurs when the body needs food. Although it is possible for humans to go without food, that is only for a while. That is why Christians who for one reason or the other need to fast, find ...

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