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Aristotle’s 2000-year-old advice on friendships

Aristotle’s 2000-year-old advice on friendships

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“In poverty as well as in other misfortunes, people suppose that friends are their only refuge. And friendship is a help to the young, in saving them from error, just as it is also to the old, with a view to the care they require and their diminished capacity for action stemming from their weakness; it is a help also to those in their prime in performing noble actions, for ‘two going together’ are better able to think and to act.”—Aristotle. A few months ago, together with a group of friends, we talked about the value of friendships. Though it escalated into a two-hour argument with lots of differing views, it was a positive discussion that left me with much contemplation. On one side of the argument, the rationalists argued that all friendships and relationships were transactional,...

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