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Dutch-Ghanaian footballer Jeremie Frimpong to launch Pathways Initiative in Ghana


Dutch-Ghanaian footballer Jeremie Frimpong is ready to launch his Pathways Initiative project in Ghana before expanding it globally.

The 23-year-old sought-after wing-back mentioned in a statement that this groundbreaking program aims to empower young footballers who might not make it to professional leagues, helping them transition into the corporate world.

The initiative will begin in Accra, Ghana, before extending to the UK, Netherlands, Germany, and other parts of the world.

The goal is to address challenges faced by aspiring footballers who leave the game by offering essential training, work experience, and networking opportunities as they explore other industries.

Pathways will collaborate with the tech-led staffing organization Remoteli and sports agency Prolific Sports Group (PSG) to identify and support talented young footballers looking to transfer their skills to other industries.

Remoteli will provide essential training and exposure, while PSG will handle player operations.

“The launch of Pathways in Ghana is just the beginning. Frimpong aims to expand the program to the Netherlands, his birth country, as well as the UK and Germany, where he has played professionally, before going global and incorporating learnings,” the statement added.

“My vision is to create a global impact,” said Jeremie Frimpong.

“This isn’t just about giving hope; it’s about equipping tomorrow’s generation of talent with the tools to rewrite their own narratives.”

“Pathways is a journey, not a destination. We’re building a global network of support, one footballer at a time.”

“I spoke to loads of players, and they all want to find their way to give back. I think it’s good for them to do whatever feels true to them, and this is what felt true to me.”

****Players will be able to apply via the website Where they will be able to tell us their interests and we connect them with the right people to teach about industries, roles, upskilling and helping with interviews.

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