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James Webb: Nasa space telescope delivers spectacular pictures

James Webb: Nasa space telescope delivers spectacular pictures

Science & Technology
Stunning images of a "stellar nursery" and a "cosmic dance" have been acquired by Nasa's new $10bn space telescope. The two pictures, and others, were presented to the world on Tuesday to mark the James Webb observatory's readiness to begin science operations. The facility has spent the past six months since launch undergoing testing. Viewed as the successor to the famous Hubble telescope, Webb is expected to be a dominant force for discovery for at least the next 20 years. As it happened: How the first images were unveiled The new observatory is a joint project of the US, European and Canadian space agencies - with Nasa in the lead. Webb has been specially tuned to see the sky in the infrared - that's light at longer wavelengths than can be sensed by our eyes. Th...

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